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Coordinator Resources

As an agency SECA coordinator, all of the resources you need to run an exciting and successful campaign are available on this page. 

Please remember to enter all pledge envelopes that you send into the envelope tracking system.  

Spread the Word

There are a number of ways for you to inform your co-workers about the SECA campaign. For example, send an email and link to this year's SECA videos. Put up SECA posters in your workspace. Encourage the head of your agency to send a letter to all of your agency's employees.  Here are sample items for your use: 

Organize an Event  

If you'd really like to engage your co-workers and motivate them to make a pledge, why not host a fundraising event to educate employees about SECA and raise funds at the same time? Check out "Ideas for Agencies" to the right.

Give a Hand 

Your agency's employees may need some help submitting their pledges.  Talking points can help you explain the various aspects of the SECA campaign, including the benefits of pledging online and what $26 can do for someone in need.  Make sure you are familiar with the instructions for pledging online. For employees who do not use employee self service or would like to give via a check or money order, a printable pledge form is available. Use the SECA Resource Guide to look up the codes for participating charities. And always encourage your employees to become leadership givers!    

For agencies that have the need to do so, there is also a mail merge enabled version of the pledge form and instructions on how to use it. 


Contact SECA at or 717.787.9872.