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Agency Coordinators

Employees with questions about the SECA campaign or their donations should contact their agency coordinator (EXCEL). 

Loaned Labor Leaders

These loaned labor leaders (EXCEL) are available to help SECA coordinators with their agency campaigns.

Statewide SECA Contacts

SECA Program Coordinator
Perry Shoemaker
Office of Administration 
513 Finance Building 
Harrisburg, PA  17120 
717.787.9872 phone 


Local SECA Managers

These local SECA managers (EXCEL) are available to help SECA coordinators schedule a local United Way representative to speak at kick off events, distribute supplies and assist with arranging employee events.

Umbrella Charity Contacts

Umbrella ​Contact ​Address ​Phone
America's Best Charities
​Jesse Beisler
1100 Larkspur Landing Circle 
Larkspur, CA  94939
415.925.2600 (ext. 113)
America's CharitiesJennifer Watkins14150 Newbrook Drive, Suite 110
Chantilly, VA  20151
Christian Service Charities ​Lorna Campbell Clarke
44330 Premier Plaza, Suite 220 
Ashburn, VA  20147  
Community Health CharitiesLizzy Selzer
1240 N. Pitt Street, 3rd Floor 
Alexandria, VA  22314 
EarthShare Pennsylvania Beth Gunter
7735 Old Georgtown Road, #510 
Bethesda, MD  20814 
240.333.0300 (ext. 304)
Global Impact​​ ​Renee CrewsP.O. Box 10 
Red Hook, NY 12571 
PASSHE Foundation ​Jennifer Hartman2986 N. Second Street 
Harrisburg, PA  17110 
United Negro College Fund, Inc.Carolyn Starling-Love
The Belmont Building
211 North 13th Street, Suite 301
Philadelphia, PA  19107 
United Way​Please contact the United Way serving your area (EXCEL)