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Coordinator FAQ

  1. What if I do not see a charity in the Resource Guide?
    < Charities that are listed in the Resource Guide (PDF) are those charitable organizations that have applied, and been approved, for participation in the SECA campaign. If an employee asks to give to a charity that is not listed, they can be encouraged to find another charity that supports the same cause. 

  2. Can an employee give through SECA to an agency not listed in the Resource Guide? 
    No. While over 1,000 participating charities represents a highly diverse number of causes, not every charity will apply to participate in SECA, and some of the charities that apply do not meet the commonwealth's criteria for participation. Giving through SECA to organizations outside the Resource Guide (PDF) is not administratively feasible and would circumvent the admissions process, which is designed to protect both the integrity of the campaign and employee donations. If the charity of choice is not participating in SECA, the employee may want to give outside the SECA campaign. 

  3. How does a charitable organization apply for participation in SECA? 
    A charity wishing to apply for participation would have to meet the criteria of an umbrella organization, a fund, a constituent agency, or a member agency. Constituent and member agencies would need to contact an umbrella organization to arrange becoming a member or constituent under the umbrella. An explanation of the process for application and the requirements of participating charities can be found in Management Directive 530.23 - State Employees Combined Appeal. The management directive also includes an application as an enclosure. 
    Charities interested in applying to participate in SECA may contact or 717.787.9872.

  4. What designation number should I use? 
    Agency designation codes are listed next to the charity in the Resource Guide (PDF). Pledging online automatically fills in the designation code for a donor when a charity is selected from the search feature built into ESS. 

  5. Who do I give my pledge forms and envelopes to? 
    Once pledge forms are completed and put into a pledge envelope, send them directly to the Department of Revenue:  

Bureau of Imaging and Document Management 
Attention: Deborah Stoner, Director's Office 
1854 Brookwood Street 
Harrisburg, PA 17104

If you send envelopes by mail, please use a traceable method such as certified mail.