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Idea Bank

Other agencies are a great source of ideas for your agency SECA campaign!  Following are successful ideas submitted by agency coordinators.  Be sure to also check out the year-specific campaign ideas document in the coordinator resources section.  

Fundraiser Ideas

Sundaes for SECA – For $2, employees can build their own sundaes from a large assortment of different toppings.  One agency raised $200 in just one hour with this fundraiser.

Pie Eating Contest – Teams of three ($25 entry fee) or individuals ($15 entry fee) take the challenge to eat pies in record time!  Employees get to vote with their change to determine the winner.  One agency raised $630 with this fundraiser.

Door Decorating Contest – Every bureau decorates a door according to a theme.  People vote with their change to determine the winner.  This is not only a morale builder but also promotes teamwork.  Make it even more fun by tying it in with Halloween, which falls within the campaign period.  One agency raised $335 with this fundraiser.

Bake Sales – Bake sales are tried-and-true fundraisers that everyone can enjoy.  Ask for donated items from employees and have the bake sale over lunch.  Many agencies have lots of luck with having multiple bake sales throughout the campaign.

Cute Baby Photo & Pet Contests – Employees pay $5 to submit their photos and votes are submitted by using change ($1 per vote, for example).  Put some extra effort into promoting the contest, make it fun, and it will surely be a hit.  See one example here (PDF).

Bus Trip – Organize a trip to a location of interest (one agency went to Valley Forge Casino) with bus transportation.  After costs, proceeds benefit SECA.  PLEASE NOTE: Trips of this nature should be scheduled outside of work hours and should be thoroughly reviewed with your agency’s legal department, especially regarding liability and worker’s compensation issues.

Salsa, Dip, & Chili Contest – Employees bring their best homemade salsas, dips, and chili.  For $5, people can sample them all and vote for the best, with bragging rights going to the winners.  This is a great fundraiser to have during crisp fall weather.

Halloween Fundraisers – Use this holiday to your advantage by tying it into your fundraising efforts!  Candy guessing contests (guess the correct number and win a prize) and costume days are fun ways to raise funds.

Pizza Parties – Have a pizza party where employees get pizza, chips, and a drink for a donation.  Have people sign up and pay ahead of time so you know how much to order.  Get agency leadership involved by having them hand out the pizza and thank donors.


Incentives and Motivators

Show Progress - A fundraising “thermometer” is a great way to keep employees motivated to reach your agency fundraising goal.  Get creative with your thermometer by making it specific to your agency.  Display it prominently and update it regularly.  One agency with a “good sport” of an agency head even had a picture of him riding a car up the hill to their “goal.”  Here are some examples (PDF).

Dress Down Days - Dress down days are a great motivator for giving.  Some agencies allow these days just during the campaign for donors; others allow them year round.  Encourage a little friendly competition by encouraging employees to wear their favorite team jerseys on dress down day.  Add an additional level to this motivating tool by having dress down days for donors during the campaign, with the bonus that if the agency reaches their fundraising goal, everyone will have dress down days year-round.


SECA Kick-off Event

Get your agency leadership involved, especially in the dunk tanks!  If agency leadership is willing to get “dunked,” it’s a great draw for employees and a fun morale builder.  Make sure to advertise your agency leader’s involvement heavily to get lots of interest.